is an online dating and marriage website service for Western men seeking Russian and Ukrainian ladies for correspondence. The site provides online photo personals mail order bride catalogue of gorgeous single ladies, from which prospecting men can browse through to find their perfect match. The site offers several membership plans that allow a user to select more features that perfectly meet their search criteria.


The sign up process is pretty fast and is absolutely free from any fees. Several steps are required, which include basic necessities such as a username and an email address. Once you are registered on the site, you are able to view thousands of charming women’s profiles for free. The only drawback with the free membership plan is that you cannot send any messages to any lady of interest, until you upgrade the basic plan to premium membership.

Ease of use

When you have completed signing up at website, you are able to easily upload profile pictures of yourself to attract Russian and Ukrainian ladies. You can even get your profile advertised on Ukrainian dailies. On the downside, the website is poorly designed and apart from the internal mail and other basic features, the site lacks in other tools and services that can make the searching of a date easier.

Selection of ladies

The most prolific aspect on their site is the number of women on their site. They claim to have an excess of over 100 Ukrainian and Russian women joining their site on a weekly basis. The speculations if confirmed would make the site the real deal for Western men looking for gorgeous Russian women.

Value for Money

The basic membership does not offer users many options available on the site like messaging capabilities to potential women. Members need to upgrade to premium membership which is subdivided into three parts.

  • The silver membership will make it possible for the user to make a choice of two virtual email addresses at a time. The cost per address is pegged at a flat rate of $12.00.
  • The Gold membership enables the subscriber to choose between 3-10 emailing addresses for a fixed rate of $9.00. With this membership, you will be able to browse the whole system to link to any profile of interest.
  • The platinum membership will enable you to access up to 1,200 new profiles per month at only $29.95. It will automatically be billed on your credit card monthly.


The website lacks in many basic features of a multilingual dating site, however, it still dawns some strong features such as;

  • Free membership plan during the sign up process.
  • The site prides itself in having a huge database of Russian and Ukrainian ladies with up to 100 of them signing up on their site on a weekly basis.
  • You can also have your profile advertised on Ukrainian newspapers to aide you in your bride search.

Rating scores poorly on website design as well as other basic features that should be present in a multilingual dating site, such as translation services. I would give a star rating of a mere 3/5.


The site may try to do good for you, if your sole purpose is to look for a Ukrainian or Russian beauty. But then, you have to keep in mind that the website doesn’t offer organised tours or translation services to both the basic or silver membership. Additionally, many people do not trust leaving their credit card details with the site.

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